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Jun 17, 2024 - Justin Stephens: A Journey of Empowerment and Change

Jun 17, 2024 -Justin Stephens: A Journey of Empowerment and Change - Copy

June 17, 202413 min read

Newsletter Sent out today:

Embracing a Vision for Change

In a world where the traditional employment landscape is rapidly evolving, one man has set out on a mission to redefine the way we approach employee compensation and community engagement. Justin D.C. Stephens, a dedicated professional at Service Experts, is on a journey to create lasting change, not just for his own career, but for the betterment of society as a whole.

From HVAC to Community Leadership

As a full-time employee at Service Experts, Justin's primary role is to assist customers with their HVAC and plumbing needs. However, his true passion lies in his pursuit of becoming a leader within his community. Through his blog and various social media platforms, Justin is documenting his journey, sharing the lessons he's learned, the failures he's experienced, and the victories he's achieved.

The Power of Shared Experiences

Justin firmly believes that life is a team sport, and there is room for everyone on his team. By openly sharing his personal and professional experiences, he aims to inspire and empower others to join him in his mission to create positive change. Whether it's learning from his successes or learning from his mistakes, Justin's commitment to transparency and authenticity is at the heart of his approach.

Redefining Employee Compensation

At the core of Justin's vision is a desire to transform the way employees are compensated in America. Through his work with America's Holding Company Inc., he is exploring innovative ways to leverage the existing infrastructure to provide employees with a greater stake in the companies they work for.

Empowering Employees, Strengthening Communities

By giving employees a more direct and meaningful connection to the success of their employers, Justin believes that we can foster a sense of ownership and investment that will ultimately benefit both the individual and the community as a whole. This community-driven approach to compensation has the potential to create a ripple effect, inspiring employees to become more engaged, productive, and invested in the long-term success of their organizations.

A Call to Action

Justin's journey is one of vision, determination, and a unwavering commitment to making a positive impact. Through his blog, social media channels, and the work of America's Holding Company Inc., he invites everyone to join him in this transformative endeavor. Whether you are an employee seeking a greater stake in your workplace or a community member looking to be a part of the change, Justin's message is clear: there is room for you on this team.

Conclusion: The Future is Ours to Shape

As Justin continues to document his journey, he reminds us that the future is ours to shape. By embracing a community-driven approach to employee compensation and empowering individuals to become active participants in the success of their organizations, we can create a more equitable and fulfilling work environment that benefits us all. Join Justin on this mission to redefine the way we think about work, community, and the pursuit of a better tomorrow.

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Daily Video Journal:

Daily Journal Transcript:

Good morning. Good morning. Good morning.

It is June 17, 2024. It's Monday morning after Father's day. We had a fun Father's day.

Didn't do anything except play games. We played uno attack. We played Sky Joe.

We played Mario party, Mario Kart. We just hung out all day. Oh, and we watched the Mitchell's versus the machines on Netflix.

I would highly recommend that movie. It is. It's actually kind of a scary movie.

Like, if you look out what the premise of the movie is and the world we exist in today, it is a real possibility. And so it was. Watching that movie was fun, and we talked about calling it the Stevens versus the machines and how would we operate if something like that happened.

So it's fun. So we did all that and just hung out as a family, which was really nice, really relaxing. So, yeah, today should be a good day.

Got a couple calls. I'm meeting with Jim Payne from sonitrol later today. Part of the whole system I've designed includes, like, a security home security check.

And I'm wondering if there may be some relationship that I can establish between Sonitrol and TML to support both companies on the same leads. You never know, but be talking to him and see how it all goes. So that's a quick update for the morning.

I'm sure I'll be back throughout the day. Hope you all have a great day. Look at that difference, man.

It. It. I think one of the most important skills an entrepreneur can have is to be great at failing, because that is, if you get into entrepreneurship, the guarantee is you will fail more than you succeed.

You don't have to succeed 100% of the time to win. That's what a lot of people don't get it. It kind of oversaturated it.

But I love playing with filters. Okay. So I was in a plane, and I was looking at a sunset somewhere over Colorado.

And there are some lakes right in here. Cool. Now, when you take a picture out of a plane window, it sucks, right? Sucks big time.

Yeah. But it may have something that you can work with. Right? And that's what I did.

I called this above the clouds, because you're looking at sunset from a plane window with all those clouds. And I think that's somewhere gorgeous. That is gorgeous.

And I love filters. You know, when I was in photography school, the only filter we could do is put a stocking over our lens. Right? Right.

We didn't have filters. I mean, there were some filters, right. But you had to put them on your lens.

It wasn't post production. Gotcha. Now the post production just has me going nuts.

So London, of course, and France somewhere. And I threw the color in on these because I thought it was fun. Yeah, Paris, of course.

I was. I'd been up in there. The lights hadn't turned on yet.

I'm getting in a taxi, and I go, the lights came on. Stop, stop. Right out the car window.

Yeah. That's gorgeous. And these are all just iPhone photos? Oh, no, no, no.

Not these. Okay. These are several years old, but in the last, I don't know, five years or so, my iPhone does better than my $5,000 case.

Okay. And then down here. Isn't it crazy how technology moves? You been in Idaho long? All your life.

All my life. All right, then you know that. Tell me where that is.

You'll know that. Is that the sawtooth? You're close. That's Galena summit.

Galena summit. Okay. Yeah, that's gorgeous.

And this is, you know, you can do anything you want with weather. Yeah. And I just spent three weeks traveling around on my drizzle drive through Oregon.

Drizzle drive. Certain weather is interesting. Fog is interesting.

Big, fluffy clouds are interesting. Rain, not so much. That's vermont.

Okay. You've been to this place? Is that beautiful place? Utah is. I'm on the border.

On the border? Yeah. That's Monument Valley. Okay, nice.

That was the first time I went there. I've been there three times because I love it. The third time I went, I stayed in a cabin for two nights, and I had my camera out on the porch, and I did.

I tried to do, like, galactic photography. Oh, my God. I'm not very good at it.

Anyway, that's my stuff. Okay. That's amazing.

Thank you for sharing that so much. More in the way website. Because once you set the website up, right, you don't need to spend the money to print them.

Right. And that website was Peg Owens. Right.

So here is. All right, so it's Peg Owens. If you would like to see any of Peg's other artwork, which she has some amazing art on here.

Awesome photographer. So go check out Peg stuff. Signals intelligence analyst.

Okay. Analyzed signals intelligence, but. Yep.

Okay. So I just started it. So to bring everybody up to speed, just real quick, everything is stored on your disk.

They're disk drive. And your operating system, your programs, your pictures, your documents. This is an old school type of thing.

It's called a hard drive. It's magnetic storage. So you have a platter with a needle.

This is kind of broken, but it works like a record player, right? Metal box. Yeah. So in order to find the data, to load it into your system, it has to go and find it on this kind of mechanical contraption, right.

So it reads whether a certain little part that you can't even see because it's like Microsoft is magnetized or demagnetized, equates to a one or a zero, which is binary code. So it takes. That loads it into RAm.

That's your, that's your random access memory. Operates a whole lot faster. Once the data comes from here into there, everything usually works smooth, right? But these, they're so slow, they just can't keep up anymore.

You're like, your fastest hard drive is about ten times slower read write speed than your slowest solid state drive. So solid state drive is like, wow, it's more like a chip. This is.

And again, it's more like this. It's going to be a board. This is a small version of it, but you can see how they're kind of the same size, same connections even.

And it's all stored on a chip. Okay. Way faster.

I mean, it's just like, it's going from like a record player to an mp3 player, right. Because this has mechanical functions that you have to wait for those functions to take place slower where that's digital. Okay.

So that in and of itself is really going to speed stuff up. That's usually the bottleneck in the system. Yeah, usually.

I mean, it's also possible that your machine might not come with enough memory. Your ram. Yeah, let's say it came with four gigs or even in this day and age, 8gb of ram on a Windows eleven machine.

I've seen like windows eleven machine. While it's not doing anything at all, it'll take about five to 6gb of ram, which eight used to be like whole. I mean, going way back, you know.

Yeah, we've always had to add more and add more ram. So it could be more ram. Could be.

Could be Ram. But by what you said, I'm betting hard drive or solid state or so. Yeah.

What I do is I would clone your hard drive so you don't really lose anything. It's exact, clone the hard drive to a solid state drive and just replace it. You don't really lose anything.

It looks the same as far as, like on your, you know, computer and whatever. It just runs a whole lot faster. It'll boot fast, programs will load fast.

If it does need ram on a laptop, it's, again, an easy change out. It's just a matter of putting in a bigger chip or another chip, which I have all that stuff on hand. So either way, it's probably just an upgrade.

Highly unlikely, although possible that you. You'd have like a virus or something on there that's just run like crazy. So.

And that would affect like, your cpu, your processing unit speed, because the virus would be, you know, using all of that, all the calculations and really slow it down. But yeah, almost always these days, what I've been seeing are, you know, but either. Anyway, I would just take a look at it, analyze it and see what it needs.

And then I would quote you as to when he's done, repair costs or whatever. And is it. So.

Something like that. Is it something. I should bring the laptop here or invite you out to my house however you like, whatever works better for you more than likely.

If I went out there and needed something clone and all, I'm probably going to bring it back anyway. Well, because the cloning process can take hours. It's like you don't want me just hanging out.

Yeah, so that's why I do that here. I would, you know, I cook it up. Like, here's kind of the layout.

You know, I take one drive and another drive, clone one to the. Yeah, one. And then.

Yeah, okay, cool. I mean, I have a whole bunch of. There's different types of solid state drives.

Like, these are. These are what we're talking about. Like your two and a half inch kind.

They are becoming less and less used nowadays as they're moving towards these guys newer machines. And in fact, I would say your laptop almost assuredly is going to have what we call an m two slot. And if it does, what we can do is set you up with a type of thing.

And again, you don't know until you really look at it. But, like, what we've got here is an older hard drive for backup and mass storage stuff because these things are still great for saving pictures and documents and stuff like that. It's just slower access speed, but you don't need.

It's fine with data or for backups also. And then you have your solid state drive installed in there that has all the other stuff on it, you know, so little, it'll pop up really quick. These are your memory modules, the Ram.

So, I mean, again, that's really easy to just pop out and install larger ones. But since you've only had it six months, I mean, it's got to be. It could be some combination of the.

And again, there's always a chance that you got a virus on it or something and it's causing your cpu's under there. So it could be doing who knows what. But yeah, just by looking at it really quick, I can figure that out.

Okay. Do you have a business card? They're my old cards, but they still have, in other words, the address is wrong but the phone number is still right. All right.

Phone number still right. And I do still have voice computer store as a registered name. But I also in 2017 actually because I started kind of prepping this.

I told you I started prepping going change this way. So I have voice computer repair, which is really what I'm going by. But the website is still the same, which can store perfect.

All right. And hey, anybody who needs computer help, especially if you're in Boise, give Steve a call with Boise computer store or computer repair now just depends on how you look at it, right? Yeah. All right.

All right. Good afternoon, everybody. It is 421 mountain time on June 17, 2024.

Just got done with an interview with Sonitrol Pacific that went really well. Seemed like an awesome opportunity. And I so luckily I know the president CEO because he was in Sandler training.

So I trained his company and I knew a lot of the people there. So it's helpful to build these bridges throughout time. But yeah, it is good conversation.

Seemed to like a great opportunity. It is base plus commission, which is perfect. And I think it be a great fit for what I'm looking for.

So I should hear back by Monday. He said if I don't hear from him by Monday to give him a call. So that is cool.

Looking forward to seeing, seeing where that goes. And it's always fun interviewing, getting to share my story, who I am. Yeah.

Overall it was really good. So I just wanted to update you all. I'm going to go home and work on probably the bag and applying for other jobs and seeing what I can find, seeing what jumps out at me.

So anyways, have a great day.

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Justin Stephens

Justin Stephens is a husband and a father of 3. He is always looking for ways to create the impact that he is chasing, changing the way employees are compensated in America.

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