ProjecTools specializes in Project Management Software and Digital Automation for EPC firms and project owners.

Front Line Flags is where I get all my flags

Kaitech Automation does Robotic integration for food and beverage manufacturers.

If you would like to use any of the tools that I also use to chase my dream, you will find them all listed below.

This page is full of the providers and partners that I work with and use to manage my own life.

DISCLAIMER: We may be paid for any purchases you make using links on this page.

The most important thing I do is document my journey. Below is the strategy for how I am documenting my journey, as well as the tools I use and why I use them.

CRM Platform

GoHighLevel is an amazing tool for smaller businesses that are growing.

A ton of flex-ability, and you solve a ton of problems with one tool.

I run an agency account within GoHighLevel for small businesses.

If you want the resources that I use, you can download them all for free below.

It is amazing because of how many problems it solves for a small organization. The features that I love most are:

  • Create and Manage:

    • Sales Funnels

    • Websites

    • Blogs

    • Membership areas

    • Email Marketing

    • Forms

    • Surveys

    • Chat Widget

    • Automations

    • Contact Database

    • Sales Pipelines

    • Social Media Profiles

    • Invoices/Subscriptions

    • Reputation Management (Google Review)

    • Tasks



Online Shop Fulfillment Partner

For the swag shop that I am setting up we are using the team at printful to do all of the fulfillment.

If you would like to look at setting up your own shop to do all of your fulfillment and you focus on your business, I would recommend checking them out!

Social Media Management Platform

For managing my social media, I am using Metricool. I like it over the GHL platform due to functionality and my ability to manage multiple brands.

This software is designed to let you create and management multiple brands from one place. It lets me upload content to multiple platforms and organize my brands.

One of the things I love about it is your ability to pull in your messages and comments from multiple platforms and manage them out of this one system.

It has an app for your phone as well as the desktop app. The desktop app is how I plan out my scheduled content, and then the phone app I use to post content throughout the day.

It consolidates all of your accounts into one dashboard for pulling reports and managing your influence.

It also pulls FB, Google, and TikTok ads into the dashboard.

Overall, I have been a huge fan of this platform and it is doing a great job of keeping me connected with others!

Live Streaming Platform

For doing my live streamings I use

It has been extremely user friendly and easy to get an understanding for. I love the way that I can easily pull other cameras into one feed, share a screen, and so much more.

I have really enjoyed using the platform and would recommend it to anyone trying to build a brand!

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R and D Tax Strategy

We work with Strike tax to make sure all our clients are taking full advantage of the R and D tax credits available to them. If you think R and D Tax credits would be a good fit for your business, I would suggest you reach out and work with them!

Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation is a great strategy to use with real estate, and we think that anyone who owns property currently should look at the tax advantages that it might bring into your ecosystem.

Mergers and Acquisitions Training Course

The success of our dream relies on mergers and acquisitions. Justin learned most of what he knows about M and A through the EPIC Challenge. If you would like to learn M and A, I would suggest going through this challenge.

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