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June 4, 2024 - Leveraging Time and Embracing Innovation: A Salesperson's Digital Journey

June 05, 202417 min read

Newsletter Sent out today:

Embracing the Digital Realm

In today's fast-paced world, where technology has revolutionized the way we live and work, savvy salespeople are finding innovative ways to maximize their time and reach. Justin, a dedicated employee at Service Experts, has embarked on a mission to seamlessly integrate his professional and personal pursuits, creating a synergistic approach that benefits both his employer and his long-term goals.

Diversifying Income Streams

With a keen eye for efficiency, Justin has decided to explore the world of ridesharing by signing up to become an Uber driver. This move not only provides him with an additional income stream but also presents an opportunity to connect with new people, some of whom may become potential clients for Service Experts. By leveraging his time in the virtual world while maintaining his responsibilities in the physical one, Justin is demonstrating the power of a multifaceted approach to professional growth.

Harnessing the Power of Content

At the heart of Justin's strategy lies his personal blog, which he considers his "billboard" in the digital landscape. By driving his social media presence towards this centralized platform, Justin maintains control over his narrative and ensures that his beliefs, experiences, and expertise are readily accessible to anyone who seeks to understand him better. This blog serves as the foundation for his digital footprint, allowing him to showcase his skills, share valuable insights, and position himself as a thought leader in his industry.

Optimizing the Sales Process

Justin's approach to sales is equally innovative. He views himself as an asset to the companies he works for, capable of driving attention, generating leads, and ultimately contributing to their success. By aligning his personal brand with the companies he represents, Justin is able to leverage his digital presence to benefit both his employer and his own long-term goals.

Embracing Failure and Celebrating Success

Recognizing that life is a journey filled with both challenges and triumphs, Justin has adopted a refreshingly honest approach. He openly shares his failures and successes, believing that transparency and vulnerability are key to building meaningful connections with his audience. This authenticity resonates with his followers, who are inspired by his unwavering commitment to personal growth and his willingness to learn from his experiences.

Empowering Others Through Service

At the heart of Justin's mission lies a deep-rooted desire to empower others. Through his blog and social media platforms, he aims to educate and inspire fellow salespeople, sharing the strategies and tools he has developed to enhance their own digital presence and professional success. His ultimate goal is to create a ripple effect, where his own journey serves as a blueprint for others to follow, ultimately leading to a more collaborative and supportive sales community.

Embracing the Long Game

Justin's approach to life and his professional endeavors is characterized by a long-term perspective. He recognizes that true success is not achieved overnight but rather through a consistent, strategic, and patient approach. By aligning his current actions with his future vision, Justin is laying the groundwork for a fulfilling and impactful career, one that transcends the traditional boundaries of the sales industry.


Justin's story is a testament to the power of innovation, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth. By seamlessly blending his digital and physical worlds, he has created a blueprint for success that can be emulated by salespeople and entrepreneurs alike. As he continues to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of sales and marketing, Justin's unwavering commitment to his vision and his willingness to share his journey will undoubtedly inspire and empower others to redefine the boundaries of what's possible.

Daily Podcast Journal:


Daily Video Journal:

Daily Journal Transcript:

Good afternoon, everybody. So I am. My work today with service experts got done pretty early, which is great.

And I am looking at what other ways can I use my time to generate income and generate leads and generate content all at the same time. And I been thinking about Uber, and so I am signing up to be an Uber driver. We'll see how it goes.

But at the end of the day, it's a way to invest my time and meet people and be out in the world. So might as well try it. So that's one of the things I'm going to be doing to now.

I'll be with service experts. I'll be meeting four new people every day. They're already clients, though.

They don't need the maintenance program. My hope with Uber is, as I meet people or do it, maybe I can convert some of them into clients of service experts and generate more revenue there. So that is my idea and what I'm looking at and pretty excited about it.

Life keeps moving forward. Speaking of moving forward, check this out, this video on LinkedIn. So this is a video one of my texted with me.

I think what got people was, if you saw that, I don't know if the camera is good enough to see it, but this is a really dirty unit. And so it's real satisfying to watch it get cleaned. And that was my hope.

So my whole belief behind everything I'm doing is how do you leverage your time better if you exist in the real world and virtual world simultaneously? Well, then you can leverage your time in the virtual world with what you do in the real world. So I use these glasses, and this is my whole strategy, is I look at Justin Stevens as an asset to whatever company Justin Stevens works for, right? So I can drive attention, I can drive clients, all of that to whoever I'm part of. And I have all my social media platforms pointed to my blog, which, if you go to justindcstevens.com,

it pulls up my blog. And this, my blog is Justin's billboard, right? So all my social presence drives to my blog. That then I control what the.

This is in the header of my blog. So this is my link tree. So when I get people to my blog, I want them to be able to go back and look at, hey, what is this blog? So here is the episode from two days ago.

I may not have let Rosie know we've uploaded the next one anyways, so we're constantly updating the blog. This is the source of truth for Justin's belief system, who Justin is. If you want to know how Justin thinks on something, the best place to go is to my blog.

Because no matter what happens on YouTube, on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter x, any of the platforms, I'll always have control of my blog. At least that's my reasoning, my assumption. Hypothesis, if you would.

So I drive everybody to my blog, and then from the blog, they can see how I do what I do. Because I believe every salesperson should turn their own time into a blog, their own digital presence into a billboard. Because if you do that, then you can work on, over time, transitioning the financial responsibilities of your life from real world Justin to virtual world Justin.

So right now, I work full time at service experts virtual Justin works full time with service experts and go high level to promote what we do at service experts. And that drives attention. It drives, eventually it will drive leads into service experts that I'll be able to help with my h vac stuff.

But while I'm doing that, my hope is I can educate other salespeople on how to recreate what I've created. And so that's where go high level is the software. Everything I'm doing is built, built on.

So my goal, long term strategy is to live my life showing people how I live my life using different tools, which if you go to the resources tab, oh, thank you, Penny. That is so nice of you to lick my face. If you go to the research tab, you can see I've got links for my glasses, which the blog and my glasses.

Oh, it's only 160 right now for these sweet first person view glasses. I got them from zitronics. State of the art.

They're pretty cool. Anyways, so it's got these different links to drive people to the resources I'm using to live my life. I'm prioritizing service experts, but I'm trying to demonstrate everything I do for service experts for anyone to duplicate.

And that's the purpose behind the service wars. Service wars is designed to be something anyone can use. It's not about Justin, it's about anyone in the service industry creating content around how they serve people, using the digital world to show people, hey, because H vac, it's not complicated.

Either you need H vac service or you don't. Right? There's not a lot to explain with it. And it's about being in front of the prospect when the prospect needs you.

Same with every company out there. And so if you're a business to consumer company, what really sets you apart is how you serve your clients, how you take care of your clients, what you do to protect your clients. And that's where the blog and the glasses all come in.

Because we're just documenting what we do to serve our clients and showing that to people who are not clients to say, hey, if you would like us to do this on your behalf, we'd be happy to reach out. This is how we do it. And service wars is designed for any service company across America to pull out their phone, grab a water gun, start having a water fight, make sure your logo is in it, make sure your truck is in it, and show people who you are.

Show them how you have fun, show them how you take care of them. We're all in this together. And that's the purpose behind everything I do, is showing people how I live my life.

And so that's how this whole system works is I, all my social presence is pointed to my blog, which if service experts decides, hey, Justin, this isn't a good fit, which is their right, then I can replace the service expert logo on my blog, I can change the branding on my blog to whatever company wants me to be a part of their team now. And this is true of every salesperson in the world. And that's what I'm trying to show people through how I live my life is there's nothing unique or special about me.

I'm just using my time and the resources I have available to me differently to accomplish something that I specifically want to accomplish. If I didn't want to accomplish it, none of this would be happening, none of this would be going on. And that's where, to me, the power of a dream comes in.

You have to make decisions around accomplishing something. Why don't you be strategic with what you want to accomplish? Give yourself a very long time frame and enjoy it. And that's, that's my whole goal and that's I love life.

It has been incredibly difficult, but I have never felt as fulfilled as I feel now. And I feel that way because I'm being true to myself. Every day I look at life as how does 75 year old Justin make decisions? How is 75 year old Justin going to adjust with everything we have going on and how is he going to show up? Because at the end of the day, that's the only thing I can control between now and the time I turn 75 is me.

So trying to control anything else is silly, in my opinion. And so that's why I do everything the way I do it, because I think it is silly if you do it any other way, but who cares? Whether it's silly or not is irrelevant. The time's going to pass anyway and it's your choice how you invest it.

It is your time, so make sure you're investing it with a purpose. And so this whole blog is the vehicle that I'm building to get to the vision I have for the future I want to create. I hope that makes sense to you all.

Makes sense to me. You want to see. So this is my weekly update for our service expert subscribers.

So I'm merging my dream with what I'm doing now full time. So, service experts, our value ladder starts with free, get on our priority plus with a name and an email. Eventually we hope to people upgrade to our maintenance plus program $15 a month.

And that's the twice a year h vac service and maintenance. Then while we're doing that, eventually we'll run into cash sales or advantage sales, which so a cash sale is when someone wants to buy a new ac, a new furnace, and we either finance it, put it on a credit card, pay cash, whatever it is that's a cash sale. Our advantage program is the next level up, and it's when they're buying something.

Let's say they're buying a new AC unit. Well, if they choose to do advantage, we lease them the equipment instead of sell it to them. Service experts retains ownership on the balance sheet and maintains responsibility for all service of that unit.

So we replace all the filters, we take care of everything on it. So we take care of that unit every year. And anything that needs replaced is our problem.

But the homeowner, because it's a lease, is paying more for the service. And that's how the contract works, is we're able to buy the system and install it because of that lease gives us the ability to spread out the cost on all of it throughout the entire life of the system. And then the highest level of service we can be to anyone is if they actually go buy part of service experts, which is owned by Brookfield Asset Management on the New York Stock Exchange.

So the highest level of service we can do is actually when you buy ownership of the machine that you're helping to build through having us do the work on your house. And this is if you follow the money, this is the trail of money. This is how money flows through service experts, and then it flows out to the stakeholders.

Once the stakeholders get it, then they reinvest it. Now it's back into the community, wherever they want to invest it. And this is how money is taken out of companies across life, across the board.

So this just happens to be my understanding of the service experts business model. I've only been here a month. I am a low level employee figuring it all out.

This is what I figured out. And when I come into an organization, the way I look at things is how can I use everything I know, everything I've been to through during my entire life, to collapse time between where we are today and where we want to be going? And that's why. So I think if I was in charge of service experts, I would eliminate the lease program and make it a service program that people subscribe to.

And it's like maybe $100 a month, whatever it is. And then they're subscribing to this service provider program rather than buying the equipment. But currently the advantage program is tied to the lease of the equipment.

It is not a service standalone thing you can buy. So that's one of the changes I would make in the future if I had the opportunity. Next is the annual run rate.

So based on. Hey, Penny. Hey, calm down.

Based on how I would like to run things, change things, and incorporate what I've been doing with service experts, we've got five clients paying $27 a month and one paying 150 a month. So five maintenance plus clients, one level, one advantage client. This is year to date versus last year to date.

So again, we're using America's holding company as the backbone of all of this. And what I've been trying to figure out is how do I explain and sell my vision for America's holding company? Because it's a hard concept for people to wrap their mind around. And I believe once it's installed into another company, it will be easier for people to see.

So that's my hope. So then product updates. So take everything we're currently doing with the maintenance plus program at service experts.

If we combine built America's holding company into it as a part of the service, what I would be doing is just adding a made in America flag, adding the annual Christmas ornament program, and a maintenance manual so we can add those in like that. And I do for my own clients. And that's the cool thing about this company, is I'm able to do this stuff for, for my clients because we're a small company that's backed by a large organization.

And then the advantage program, everything you already get is taking care of the equipment. But we're adding in the blog that I do, the educational content that I do, and the national tax strategy program and the community so we add in those two things and then now we can start welcoming new subscribers and welcoming new sponsors and update this every week. And so this is how I believe you collapse time.

So again, maintenance plus service experts business model is already. Let's jump back to that page. It's already priority plus for free.

It's already maintenance plus for $15 a month. It's already cash sales and advantage based on what they need. And it's already publicly traded.

So instead of the life with Justin Stephens blog, it becomes priority plus. Instead of the annual Christmas ornament subscription program, it becomes maintenance plus. Instead of the national tax strategy education program, it becomes the advantage program.

And instead of class A shares as a board of directors, we sell all the class A shares to the Brookfield asset management team. They already have a board. They're already structured and set up and we let them run it.

So now if we did all that, that takes care of class A shares, we have a board or publicly traded, we can start impacting lives today. And then we have the class B shares that are the retirement shares that people get based on becoming a subscriber to the advantage program or the maintenance program. And the maintenance program.

Either one. They're two different programs, two different things. And then after that, we have the class C shares that as we get cash flow running through the asset, as we start building it up, those class C shares, we can go and become a publicly traded asset just on those shares.

So the class A shares would be owned by Brookfield Asset Management. The class B shares are privately held by all of our subscribers, both clients, employees, everyone. And then the class C shares would eventually become the publicly traded asset that people earn through being a member of our maintenance plus program.

That's how I think through it, how I look at pulling together what I'm trying to accomplish now. All of this is already done. I don't need to change any of that.

Could we change some of it to make this closer in line with what I'm trying to do? Sure. But do we have to? No, not at all. Like, this is exactly what I've been trying to do in a different way.

So with that, I hope that makes sense. That's. That's what we're working on pulling together and explaining to everyone.

We'll see how fast it goes. Anyways, talk to y'all soon.

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Justin Stephens

Justin Stephens is a husband and a father of 3. He is always looking for ways to create the impact that he is chasing, changing the way employees are compensated in America.

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